Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A great new site recently opened. The layout and pricing is the same as it is with AdBux. So to earn $0.01 per click and $0.01 per each of your referrals' clicks join it's currently fairly small so the sooner you join the more likely you are to get referrals and active members! Try it out.

Always Pay Attention

One thing to keep in mind is to always pay attention to see if the sites you are working with will truly pay out for you and will pay out quickly if the earning amounts are small. I recently tried a site called SpeedEarner. I've since written it off as a site that does not pay quickly or pay much. The amount paid per link was minimal and unless you were getting the $0.05 payout from the random winner chosen every 200 clicks the site did not appear to be worth the time or effort of paying the emails. If you've had a different experience with this site please feel free to post a comment. It would be good to see that they aren't just a waste of time. If you've had any other sites that you've had similar experiences with then please leave a comment about those. As always constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated. :) Hope this helps at least one person.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Well by tomorrow I should be requesting my first payment from APairOf! Joined them on 05/18/2007. I'll update this post to confirm that the payment has been requested and then once more when the payment has been recieved. Regardless with this program so far I have 0 referrals so this is a fairly fast payout. The program is definitely worth working with.
05/29/2007 - Requested payment from APairOf for $1.06.
06/01/2007 - Received payment from APairOf for $1.25 which was the total of my current earnings on that date.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Humans at their best!

A friend just sent me a wonderful story that warmed my heart. It seriously brought tears to my eyes and made me say thanks for the fact people like these exist. I have 2 cats and I'm living with my parents right now trying to get back onto my feet and they have 8. So this is a house with 10 cats in it. Believe me it's a lot of cats, however it is a big house so it doesn't seem like that many. Anyways... Here's the link so that you can read for yourself and see how wonderful people can truly be...
Feline Brings Out Humanity At Its Best!

Friday, May 25, 2007


LinkGrand keeps things simple so that all you have to do to earn money is to click on links. The payout is $5.00 and so far I've found around 8-10 links a day. Although I am only checking it 1 time per day so you may be able to make more if you take the time to check it more than that. Give it a shot. I've read several sites that say it does pay so we'll find out when I get paid and I update this post with that information.

Need Referrals?

GetRef is an easy place to earn credits that you can spend on referrals for your various sites. Seriously check this site out. You can easily earn the credits to purchase the referrals. GetRef is well worth joining and taking a look at.

Gainpay - Paid Me

I signed up with Gain Pay on 05/18/2007. Today it's just 05/25/2007 and I just hit payout! So I've requested my Payment and should have that within the next 48 hours. As soon as I get it I'll update this post but it's really easy to hit your payout with Gain Pay!


They paid on 05/26/2007! Here's the email they sent:
Hi kittenclicks,

Thank You and keep up the great work! members, please help out the site and post a review on , help us grow and make the site an even better place to earn.I would appreciate this so much and in the process you are helping the sites growth and survival and yourselves. As the site gets better you earn more .

Help the site that pays you!!

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PS: If you have posted , please tell us . We will pay you quicker next time ! Team